Board of Directors

  • Jane Fishman — Forsyth Farmers Market Board of Directors

    Jane Fishman

  • Scot Hinson — Forsyth Farmers Market Board of Directors

    Scot Hinson

    Scot Hinson is the owner of PWShort, a general store, and is currently the acting Treasurer for the market as well as on the Fundraising Committee. His store is modeled after his Grandfather’s Southern States Store and sells and promotes products from the market’s vendors whenever possible.

  • Carol Ritcher — Forsyth Farmers Market Board of Directors

    Carol Richter

    Carol Richter joined the Forsyth Farmers’ Market Board in early 2014, and became a member of the Finance and Fundraising Committee shortly thereafter. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, a Master of Business Administration, and experience in the financial services industry. She utilizes her knowledge of accounting and finance to support the Market and further its mission.

  • Kristin Russell — Forsyth Farmers Market Board of Directors

    Kristin Russell

    Kristin Russell is the owner of The Sentient Bean, a coffee house and vegetarian restaurant across the street from the market that sources many of their ingredients from FFM vendors. She is one of the founders of the market and is currently chairing the board of directors. Kristin’s childhood on a small, family farm and ranch in North central Kansas is part of what fuels her passion for connecting consumers to the roots of their food. She interned for The Land Stewardship Project in MN during college and has also been involved in Chatham Savannah Citizen Advocacy over the years.

  • Kerry Shay — Forsyth Farmers Market Board of Directors

    Kerry Shay

    Kerry has spent the last 10 years honing his farming and gardening skills on various farms around Georgia and South Carolina. He is co-owner of a landscaping business, Victory Gardens; that specializes in organic, edible, and native landscaping. He’s happy to be taking part in building the local food movement in Savannah, GA.

  • Robyn Wainner — Forsyth Farmers Market Board of Directors

    Robyn Wainner

    Robyn is the Director for Asset Building & Financial Empowerment at Step Up Savannah. She works with partners to help increase opportunities for Savannah residents to become financially secure, including increasing access to programs like SNAP. She believes strongly in knowing and appreciating what goes into your food before it ends up on your plate, and is proud to help support the mission of FFM. Robyn is on the Fundraising & Finance Committee and the Farm Truck 912 committee.

  • Josh Yates — Forsyth Farmers Market Board of Directors

    Joshua Yates

    Josh abandoned his engineering career to follow his dream to open and operate a small neighborhood restaurant with an emphasis on locally sourced food. With the help and support of his wife Whitney he opened Green Truck Pub in 2010 and has been living the dream ever since. Josh chairs the Vendor Committee and works closely with the farmers and vendors of the FFM.

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