Token System

The Forsyth Farmers’ Market utilizes a token system in order to accept Debit, Credit and SNAP/EBT cards. Even though all farmers take cash, this convenient token system allows our neighbors who useSNAP/EBT (formerly known as food stamps) to shop for healthy food using federal benefits and our shoppers who run out of cash to pick up those last few items. It’s a win-win for farmers and shoppers!

Our double value SNAP/EBT program leverages federal nutrition benefit dollars to encourage shopping with local farmers. The goal is to increase access to healthy food and contribute to the local food economy. Each nutrition benefit dollar spent at Forsyth Farmers’ Market becomes two dollars for the shopper and farmer. SNAP/EBT shoppers can double up to $50, meaning a total of $100 can be spent on fresh, healthy food grown by local farmers (NOTE: SNAP shoppers may spend more than $50 but only the first $50 per Saturday will be doubled). In 2014, we doubled over $31,000 in SNAP benefits, meaning over $62,000 in sales for our farmers and healthy food for our neighbors!

This program is funded by Wholesome Wave Georgia and there are 20 participating markets across the state. Beginning in 2012, each participating market began to assist in the fundraising efforts to administer this important program. Please help us increase food access in Savannah by donating today.

Food security data for Chatham County, GA finds that 35.5% of our neighbors are low-income and receive SNAP benefits ( And for many of our neighbors, food selection is not always a matter of choice but a matter of simply having food to eat. If these same neighbors also have limited access to transportation and limited income, then fresh, healthy food may not be a choice at all. At Forsyth Farmers’ Market, part of our mission is to create access to choice and assist our neighbors with the opportunity to choose their own food.

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