The benefits of buying LOCAL food

From sustaining the community to eating better, there are a million reasons why you should consider being a consumer of local foods. Here are just a few benefits of buying locally produced foods:

  1. You are supporting small local farmers. Buying locally produced foods will cut out the middle man and give local farmers a positive return on their produce. The money that you spend supporting a local farmer will stay close to home and benefit the local community.
  2. You know where your food is coming from. Bringing food from the farm straight to your table will eliminate several steps in the food production which can ultimately prevent contamination of the food. There is also a sense of comfort knowing that your food is grown right in your town instead of several hundred miles away.
  3. Fresh foods taste better. Many times when you buy locally, farmers only supply what is in season, which means the food is at its peak. Seasonal produce is delicious and reflects the truest flavors of that particular fruit or vegetable.
  4. Connect with your community. Buying local produce can give you the opportunity to connect with a farmer and get any questions that you may have about a particular item answered. Shopping at the Saturday market is a great way to interact with farmers as well as other members of the community. The Saturday market is also a great way to get the family involved in the food decision making for your household.

P.S. Next Saturday, July 23, Jackie Ogden from the UGA Cooperative Extension will be at the Saturday Market to provide customers with information about food preservation!

Want more benefits of eating local foods? Visit: for additional information.

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