A Healthy Food Education Initiative

The Bring it Home initiative was designed to couple access with fun activities in an effort to encourage Savannah’s community members to “bring home” knowledge of utilizing nutritious food and a healthy lifestyle to combat diet-related diseases. All Bring it Home project activities are designed to invite our neighbors to learn, move and grow in a healthy way both with us at the Forsyth Farmers’ Market or in their own neighborhoods.


Increase awareness of existing healthy food resources.
Increase interest/education about nutritious locally grown food.
Increase awareness of link between exercise and nutritious food for good health
Generate interest in existing farmers markets, food initiatives

 Bring it Home, onsite activities:

Many of our neighbors regularly exercise in Forsyth Park at the basketball courts, tennis courts and even on the sidewalks by biking, running and walking. The Bring it Home activities onsite are designed to leverage interest in exercise and extend interest to other health-related choices like locally grown food consumption. We host exercise theme days with cooking demonstrations and fun activities and offer incentives for participating.

Bring it Home, offsite activities

In order to meet our neighbors where they are, we partner with community centers within walking distance of Forsyth Farmers’ Market to introduce the market and healthy recipes. Participants meet at the community center, walk to the market for a tour and to pick up healthy ingredients, and then walk back to prepare and eat a healthy meal. We find that once our neighbors learn about our market, our double value SNAP program, and healthy eating, they become regular shoppers!


To learn more about the Bring it Home, contact teri@forsythfarmersmarket.com

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