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February National Food Holidays!

We are officially in the second month of the year! There are several national food holidays that take place this month! Check out the list below: February 1 National Cake Pops Day National Baked Alaska Day National Dark Chocolate Day February 2 National Tater Tot Day February 3 National Carrot Cake Day February 4 National […]

It’s Tea Time:The Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

Did you know? It’s National Hot Tea Month! On any given day of the year, half of the American population will be drinking tea! Not only is tea a low-calorie indulgence, it proves to have several health benefits as well! Here are 5 health benefits of one of America’s favorite drinks: Reduces risk of dementia. […]

Americorp VISTA position available!

The Forsyth Farmers’ Market is currently looking for a new Americorp VISTA! The application is open now and can be found here. All applications must be turned in by December 28, 2016. VISTA is expected to begin February 2017. Please note that this is a VISTA position. Click here to find out more information about […]

September: National Honey Month

September is recognized as National Honey Month. Honey is jam packed with nutritional and health benefits. In honor of one of the oldest natural sweeteners on earth, here are 4 health benefits of the all-natural sweet stuff! Boosts energy level. Honey is mostly comprised of sugar, glucose, and fructose. When consumed, the glucose enters the […]

National Watermelon Day

Did you know? August 3 is National Watermelon Day! In honor of one of America’s favorite foods, here are five fun facts. Watermelon is made up of 92% water. It so refreshing, early explorers used watermelons in place of canteens. Although most only eat the flesh of the watermelon, all parts are edible! The black […]

The benefits of buying LOCAL food

From sustaining the community to eating better, there are a million reasons why you should consider being a consumer of local foods. Here are just a few benefits of buying locally produced foods: You are supporting small local farmers. Buying locally produced foods will cut out the middle man and give local farmers a positive […]

July: National Pickle Month

Dill. Bread & Butter. Kosher. Sour. Sweet. These are just a few favorite ways to eat a pickle. What better way to celebrate one of the world’s most diverse foods then to dedicate a whole month to it? July is National Pickle Month. We are kicking it off by giving 5 fun facts about pickles! […]

Healthy Summer. Happy Summer.

Summer has officially made its debut this week! The summer heat tends to have an impact on our lifestyles. No matter the weather, great health should always be an option! As the temperatures rise, here are a few tips to having a healthy and happy summer! Stay hydrated. The summer heat makes you more prone to […]

June: National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month

cherry tomatoes
June is National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables month. Most adult Americans should eat a minimum of 3 cups of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Not only are fruits and vegetables nutritious, they also add flavor, color, and fun to any meal. To get into the spirit of the month, here are five ways […]

5 Healthy Alternatives for your Memorial Day

In most households, Memorial Day is the kickoff to the cookout season. Family, fun, and most importantly, food is the highlight of many cookouts. While there are several foods that are a must have at cookouts, many of these foods are high in calories and fat. Contrary to popular belief, there is a such thing […]