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Heritage Breed Livestock

When did a cow become just a cow? I certainly don’t know, but I suppose this happened somewhere between the first Model T rolling off the line, the hoisting of the Golden Arches and Starbucks pushing coffee on every corner. At some point in that whirlwind of technology and “progress”, way too much in our […]


I’m going to open with a warning…I know precious little about baking. I’ve made cookies, I excel at Saturday morning pancakes and I’m pretty sure I cooked a loaf of bread at least once this century, but my experience pretty much ends there. I have no idea what the difference is between baking powder and […]

Cost of Food

This concern I mention is not uncommon in farmers’ markets, in fact it’s not uncommon in any market, and it has to do with the cost of food – in particular, healthy food. Over the past few weeks I have had several customers approach me at the market table simply exasperated over the cost of […]

Incredible Edible Egg

Eggs are quite amazing little creations if you consider their development process, speed of production and their relative durability. It is said that a high producing hen (Leghorn, Rhode Island Red, Plymouth Rock) can produce an egg every 25 hours at the peak of her production. And she doesn’t even need a man to do […]

Eat Your Colors

There’s a saying out there that if you want to be healthy you need to eat the rainbow. This means that when you look at your plate you should see a wide range of color, which inevitably leads to consuming many different types of food and filling the nutritional demands of a healthy lifestyle. This […]

Bread Chemistry

I’ve always found it interesting to consider how science is capable of such staggering progress and unforgiveable lapses of judgement, often at the same time. For instance, up until the 19th century bread was leavened by naturally occurring yeast and bacteria cultures, but then advances in microscope technology allowed people to discover and develop high […]

The Overlooked Mushroom

I think one of the most incredible things about nature is that everything has a purpose. If flora or fauna aren’t performing a function, and bringing balance to the world around them, they find themselves not making Mother Nature’s cut and she quickly dispatches with those miserable offenders until a balance is regained. This means […]

Harvesting Peas

Peas hold an interesting place in our lives. For many of us pea puree was the first solid food we ever ate. As toddlers these little green balls were equal parts food and entertainment, seemingly spending more time in our noses that in our mouths. Then in our older, more formative, years, what was commonly […]

Life is Better with Herbs.

Vegetables are delicious, flowers are joyful, but no garden is complete without a collection of herbs. Generally speaking herbs are any plant whose leaves, flowers or seeds can be used for culinary, medicinal or cosmetic purposes. They are typically non-woody and in colder climates are killed to the ground during winter. In many ways herbs […]


Last Christmas a certain jolly old elf really left me hanging. All year long I was on my best behavior, we sang Christmas carols until our voices gave out, our lights shone brightly in the trees and I even put out our finest cookies and milk. However, when I woke up the next morning my number one gift was nowhere […]