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Market Opens for Spring

Welcome to a brand new season. Seven weeks ago I had an entire winter ahead of me; there were gingerbread houses to build, parties to go to, presents to unwrap and best of all the quiet time with which to catch up on all the projects I spent the fall promising I’d get to “tomorrow”. […]

City of Tybee Water & Energy Fair

City of Tybee Water & Energy Fair  This is an excellent educational opportunity designed to show the participants how to improve conservation efforts and better ways to reuse community resources.  Local vendors, scientists, and organizations dedicated to protecting our natural resources will be there giving demonstrations and teaching those interested that using less to save more […]

Market Closed for Winter

I suppose the final newsletter of the season should end with a great flourish of words and sentiment but tonight I find myself a bit out of steam. It seems that all the yuletide cheer going around has taken a toll on my imagination, and here I sit on the cusp of the grand finale with everything, and nothing, running […]

Order Your Shitake Mushrooms

Bosky Wood Shiitake Mushrooms Mushrooms are fickle. As a result of current weather patterns Bosky Wood is unable to return to the market this season with fresh shiitake mushrooms. Instead they are drying these mushrooms and will be selling them for $8.00 an ounce. To order your dried mushrooms please contact: Anne Bidez Schumann Bosky Wood Shiitake Mushrooms 912-249-5933