Ella Washington

Forsyth Farmers' Almanac, Ella WashingtonMs. Ella Washington was born in the small community of Montgomery, near Skidaway Island in 1943. In addition to farming, her stepfather and mama both worked outside of the home Ms. Ella, her brother, stepsister, and stepbrother were responsible for helping to keep the farm life going. She recalls farming from Monday to Saturday, going to church all day on Sunday, and starting all over again Monday. The community existed on a bartering system. Some families would catch crabs and shrimp, while others caught fish. Her family grew fruits and vegetables, and they would all trade.
Ms. Ella’s stepfather kept a farmer’s almanac and read it religiously. She says that she never remembers him having a poor harvest. She never did take an interest when the newest almanac would arrive, however, sharing that, “I knew it meant work for me!”

Story collected by Tammy Kenkel

Forsyth Farmers' Almanac, Ella WashingtonForsyth Farmers' Almanac, Ella Washington
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