July: National Pickle Month

Dill. Bread & Butter. Kosher. Sour. Sweet. These are just a few favorite ways to eat a pickle. What better way to celebrate one of the world’s most diverse foods then to dedicate a whole month to it? July is National Pickle Month. We are kicking it off by giving 5 fun facts about pickles!

  1. It is estimated that Americans eat about 8.5 pounds of pickles a year.
  2. The term “in a pickle” was first introduced by Shakespeare in his play “The Tempest”.
  3. The Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, ate pickles because she believed that it was something that helped her stay beautiful.
  4. Pickle juice can be consumed to prevent muscle cramping.
  5. Christopher Columbus is credited to bringing pickles to the New World.

Know an interesting fact about pickles? Be sure to share it with us!

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