September: National Honey Month

September is recognized as National Honey Month. Honey is jam packed with nutritional and health benefits. In honor of one of the oldest natural sweeteners on earth, here are 4 health benefits of the all-natural sweet stuff!

  1. Boosts energy level. Honey is mostly comprised of sugar, glucose, and fructose. When consumed, the glucose enters the bloodstream, which the body uses to create an energy jolt. The fructose is used by the body to sustain an individual in a rigorous physical activity. Honey also prevents muscle fatigue during workouts.
  2. Anti-Cancer. Carcinogen-preventing and anti-tumor properties are found in honey. Research is currently taking place to identify the role of honey in the prevention and progression of tumors and cancer.
  3. Remedy for ailments. Honey can be used to heal several ailments such as sore throats, yeast infections, arthritis, and athlete’s foot. Honey can be ingested or used topically because of the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  4. Boosts immune system. Honey can act as an antiseptic and an antioxidant. Properties found in honey can aid in improving the digestive system. Taking two teaspoons of raw, local honey can reduce effects of pollen allergies.

Know of any additional benefits of honey? Let us know below!

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