It’s Tea Time:The Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

Did you know? It’s National Hot Tea Month! On any given day of the year, half of the American population will be drinking tea! Not only is tea a low-calorie indulgence, it proves to have several health benefits as well! Here are 5 health benefits of one of America’s favorite drinks:

  1. Reduces risk of dementia. A study conducted in 2011 proved that tea works with the theta waves in the brain that plays a role in memory and attention span. The dementia risk is lowered because tea works through multiple pathways like blood sugar regulation and nerve synapses.
  2. Decreases risk of stroke. A 2009 study showed that drinking 3 cups of green or black tea on a daily basis can result in reducing one’s risk of ischemic stroke by 21%!
  3. Heart Health. Tea is packed with antioxidants, which play an important role in the cardiovascular department. Studies show that drinking green tea daily can help with lowering cholesterol levels, while black tea decreases the incidence of heart attack.
  4. Anti-inflammatory effects. Inflammation and inflammatory reactions can be reduced due to the active compounds found in tea. Drinking a cup or two of green tea can help keep inflammation at bay.
  5. Oral Hygiene. Drinking a cup of green tea each day can reduce one’s odds of tooth loss. Tea has also been found to decrease the growth of periodontal bacteria. The dental benefits are associated with the fluoride content that can be found in your average tea bag.

Know of any other health benefits of drinking tea? Let us know!



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