Digging In: New Volunteer Job Descriptions

To grow and thrive, the market needs volunteers willing to take on some important tasks.  We will be discussing these and more at our Digging In event on Saturday, October 20, but if you’re ready to get growing, email Kristin to learn more.

Head Friend-makerFilled!

Recognition Reconnaissance  (a.k.a. Sponsorship Coordinator - Filled!

Set-Up and Breakdown Captain
(weekly – but this should be 4 or 5 people who schedule themselves)

These folks would be in charge of overseeing the weekly volunteers that show up to help set up and break down the market. Because there are so many vendors and limited carts- efficient use of the cart and labor make a HUGE difference in how long set up and break down takes. The manager is usually busy setting up the FFM tent and asking questions so having a volunteer leader around that knows what they are doing would be awesome.

Special events tag-team
(as needed)

These on-call volunteers would help with staffing booths at special events both on-site (fundraising/FoFFM, Bring it Home projects, My Market Club, etc) or off-site (Food Day, various health fairs, etc).  Team could also serve as a point of contact for gathering necessary supplies and communicating with the off-site organizers.

We Heart Volunteers of all kinds!  If you are interested, please fill out the form below and we will contact you.

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