Goodbye summer...Hello fall.

Goodbye summer…Hello fall.

By Chelsea Dye

The carefree summer days are coming to a close or perhaps already have.

Back to school.

Back to the hustle.
If you are less than elated to welcome back the routine and the often rigorous schedules that come along with it, try reframing this as an opportunity. 
Make a Plan for wellness.

You don’t need to live and die by your schedule. Look at the “must do” items (work, activities, deadlines...). Then plan beyond that.
Include your wellness and that of your family into this plan.
Make a list of activities that bring you joy & those that help you work towards your goals.

Above and beyond obligations, the areas I always schedule are connection (with your loved ones and community), health, wellness & me time. 
I want to share Three tips that will help you plan for wellness now and into the future.

Tip #1
Set your health goals.
Include both your mental & physical health goals.
Put them in writing.
Review these goals weekly. Plan each week how to achieve these when you meet a challenge or a fork in the road.
Share your goals with someone (or many people) .
You are more likely to stick to make it happen.

Tip #2
Plan for healthy eating.
Commit to nourishing & fueling yourself and your family in a healthful way.
Make a weekly meal plan and prep schedule.

Choose local, fresh non processed and organic when possible.

If you are exactly where you want to be physically & mentally, this has proven a part of meeting your health goals. For those of us who are not living to our fullest potential, this component may be a game changer in getting you closer to your best self .
The foundation for making these healthful food habits stick is to make it ENJOYABLE, and attainable (meet yourself where you are) .
Don’t forget to add an element of fun!

I craft my weekly meal plan for home and my shop , Blend & Press Wellness Bar, on Saturday afternoons after my visit to the local market.

Allow all of the members of your family to take part in the process. Find ways to make every person be a real contributor and find enjoyment. 
This may be especially useful if you have a picky child (or spouse) like I do.

TIP # 3
Connect & Schedule quality time with loved ones.
Connect with your community.
Set up quality time with your friends, family and most important yourself.

Begin a daily mediation challenge with a friend, bike with your family, attend a yoga class with your mom, go to church with your husband.

Consider bonding over your beautiful bounty from the weekly market. Take the meal prepping from a chore to a joy. 
Quality family time and friend time can be worked into this prepping. Share the tasks amongst your family, friends and even roommates!

And don’t forget to plan and follow through with your self-care time.

The excitement of all the fall has to offer can pose challenges for your health & Wellness. Don’t let it!
Be in charge, make your “best self” plan. Make it your best fall ever.

Here are a few of my picks and culinary plans to make this week fun, flavorful and healthy. Thank you to the Forsyth Park Farmers’ Market for making this possible!

SNACK: Peach, cucumber, tomato, jalapeño salsa with season herbs

SWEET SIPS: Carrot cantaloupe orange lime pressed juice. This sipper is great for the skin!
*Available at BLEND & PRESS Wellness Bar next week

SAVORY DINNER : Thai Basil pumpkin seed pesto with sea kelp Noodles or zucchini noodles
*Available at BLEND & PRESS Wellness Bar next week

BLENDED DELIGHT: A Pear, Fig, Seasonal greens smoothie with maca root & cinnamon. *Check my personal and business social media for this recipe later in the week.

All of the fruits, veggies & herbs in italics will be at this week’s Forsyth market.
I hope this inspires you to make it your best week!

Follow @Blendpresswellnessbar for recipes this week based on the local ingredient form the market. Follow @chelseadye for more inspiration healthy & fun living tips , plant base life, yoga and more .