Charleston Artisan Cheesehouse

Come by the market on any given Saturday and you'll find Pete or Heather Holmes at their booth. Charleston Artisan Cheesehouse is a true artisan cheese producer located in Charleston, South Carolina. They culture, mix, mold, salt, age, wrap, label, and stamp all of their products by hand. The cheese is produced using hormone-free, antibiotic free cow milk from pasture raised Hickory Hill & Jersey cows. 



Bloomy-Rind Cheese

-Battery Park, French Quarter, The Spice Must Flow, Dutch Chocolate, The Lowcountry Whey

Black Truffle Cheese

-Wild Boar

Washed-Rind Cheese

-Chardonnay Wash




Other Products:

Baked Brie: Battery Park Brie with cranberry & pecans in a puff pastry ready to be baked in your oven.