Clark & Sons Organics

Farmer Joe will surely brighten your morning no matter the occasion. He's always cheerful --  singing, smiling, and selling produce. Clark & Sons is a 5th generation family farm in Twin City, Georgia that has had a portion of their 10 acres USDA certified USDA organic since 2007. 

Owner Al R. Clark III says, “All of our vegetables are harvested only hours before making their way to the market so they truly are fresh. Our nuts are harvested, shelled, and delivered to the markets to the delight of our customers."


Seasonal Produce

Rutabagas, turnips, kale, mustard greens, collards, squash varieties, peppers, potatoes, fruits,  and more. 



pecans & peanuts 

(salted, sweet, raw, roasted, boiled) 


From truly happy chickens