Ebenezer Greens

Wanting to provide safe, healthy greens for her family, Angie Mee started growing microgreens in a spare room in her home. Delighted with the results, Angie decided to increase production of these tiny, but mighty greens to share with friends and members of the community. Soon, Ebenezer Greens, an indoor vertical farm was born. Located near historic Ebenezer in Rincon, GA, Ebenezer Greens produces several varieties of microgreens. Some varieties of microgreens contain up to 40X more nutrients than their mature counterparts. The possibilities to add a boost of nutrition to your daily diet are endless!



Microgreens including sunflower, mustard, radish, basil, arugula, cabbage, amaranth, pea shoots, leeks, corn, beets, swiss chard, kale