Hunter Cattle

If you ever decide to venture out near Stilson, GA to see Hunter Cattle, you are in for a treat. The extended family of Del and Debra inhabit a piece of property with cows, pigs, guineas, chickens, rabbits, donkeys, dogs, peacocks, and more. Farm life for the family began ~2009 and was originally a simple desire to have an alternative food supply away from the industrial food system and to move away from the development in Pooler, GA. They wanted to produce food for themselves, but the demand for grass fed beef and pasture raised pork among friends & the community took off.

The company is dedicated to animal welfare and creating the high quality, responsibly raised products that offer better flavor and nutrition. They never use antibiotics, hormones or steroids. They don't confine their animals and they practice a grazing rotation. 

Pastured Pork

Pork cuts


Smoked pork

Grassfed Beef

Ground beef



Aged Beef