We are a food and horticulture/producer only market and all vendors must grow or make the product they offer for sale.  Whole food vendors (produce, nuts, meat, honey, dairy, seafood) must grow/harvest  75% of what they sell but are allowed to carry some products from other small growers in our region. Prepared food and plant vendors must produce 100% of what they sell. The FFM does not allow the reselling of any products by non-producers.

Applicants to Forsyth Farmers’ Market will be reviewed by a committee to decide if they are a good fit based on the criteria discussed in the “Vendor Selection Statement.” FFM has limited resources and will not be able to accommodate every vendor who applies. 

Vendor applications are reviewed by a committee once a year in November.

The application process has closed for the 2019 season. If you would like to be on the notification list for the 2020 year, please fill out the form below. 

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